Debbi’s Weekly Boise Yoga Classes

All of Debbi’s classes begin with centering and breathwork. After this, she builds up through alignment-based vinyasa to a peak pose or theme. Each class concludes with a delicious closing meditation. Debbi believes in the body-mind/east-west connection so each session is infused with plenty of philosophy and anatomy. From teaching yoga and wellness classes for over forty years, Debbi is very comfortable including students of all levels in her classes. You can be assured that you will find plenty of modifications to suit your individual needs – whether that means taking care of an injury or challenging you to new levels of experience. For more information on these classes, you can email Debbi directly at

At Yoga Tree of Boise

Although Debbi Murphy teaches at many events around town, she has a regular schedule at the Yoga Tree of Boise (1674 Hill Road). This studio is owned and operated by former Shanti graduate, Jennifer Knight and supports the value of yoga as a lifestyle and wellness system. The studio has plenty of props, payment options and support for their members. New students as well as Shanti students get $30/month for unlimited classes.

Debbi’s Yoga Tree of Boise classes (each an hour):

  • Monday, 9:30am, All levels Vinyasa
  • Tuesday, 12:00p, Yin-storative with Guided Meditation
  • Wednesday, Shanti Teacher Training 3 – 5:15pm
  • Wednesday, 5:30, All levels Vinyasa
  • Friday, 9:30am, All levels Vinyasa

*click Tree of Boise to go directly to the studio’s online schedule as she often subs for others.