The pearl is in the oyster.

And the oyser is at the bottom of the sea.

Dive deep.

~ Kabir


Meditation is the seed that can spontaneously blossom into the thousand-petal lotus flower of happiness, wellness, and fullness as an awakened human being.  It is both the ultimate form of yoga practice and an integral part of the entire path of discovering, loving, healing, and transforming the totality of one’s being.  All the various paths of practice lead to meditation becoming a deeper yet easier method of feeling whole within one’s self and connected as part of the whole of the universe. The many paths of yoga all contain the same deep pattern, a liberation from avidya (illusion) that clouds our knowledge that we are part of the universal consciousness, a representative of the Divine, a wave in an ocean of waves.  Yoga is the eternal that bliss that is our true nature.