We began in colorful & vibrant Cartagena where we explored the vibrant Getsemani region of town, known for its delicious food, impromptu dancing on the streets, beauty, and diverse markets. Next, we flew to Barichara, a no-words-can-do-it-justice village in the Andes with cobbled streets and an unchanged look since its founding in 1705. We explored by foot, tuc-tuc, horseback & even cable car! We completed our trip on the coast where we to relaxed on the beach, boated the pristine Rosario Islands, swam, snorkeled, and ate fresh seafood. And, we did two-a-day yoga sessions almost every day!

Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena entertainment while at lunch and a little shopping.

Cartagena Ceviche class & dancing


Barichari, here we come!
Bye Rosario, Back to Cartagena