Jesse's GraduationParinamavada is a yoga word conveying the idea that change is inevitable. Today I’m so lucky to be celebrating Mothers’ Day with my youngest at the same time as we’re celebrating his graduation from  CU’s rigorous MBA program. I can’t help reflect upon how quickly the past three decades have seemed to pass, but at the same time, what a rich treasure trove of enduring memories I have. As they say, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Jesse’s spirited, energetic vibrancy was there from the beginning. Events, experiences, people change the outer person but I can still see the same little boy who constantly pushed the envelope but always had a full heart of love & compassion.

Understanding this idea of honoring our true self allows us to move through the inevitable transitions (parinamavarada) with grace. We can feel grounded by connecting to the roots of our True Nature, understanding that it is our Dharma…our raison d’être, our place in this infinite cycle of life.